Things to Consider

Sniffer dogs barking up wrong tree: report

During the study, 10,211 people were stopped at train stations, in pubs and on streets - but only a quarter of those searched were carrying illegal drugs. Eventually our Supreme Court will be asked to rule on what is considered to be a reliable drug detector dog. Twenty-five precent accuracy may not cut it. If we loose our drug dogs because we are not training them to maximium effectivness and accuracy who is harmed? Not the drug smuggler, nor the prosecutors who argue records mean nothing they will likely remain prosecutors if they wish. Who is harmed? The American people who want to reduce the flow of drugs but also want a better job of protecting civil rights. Also those in the drug dog field who have devoted most of their life to producing effective and accurate dogs will suffer becasue some do not wish to change training and testing methods. Handler's when that day finally comes and the drug dog as you know it can no longer be used in this country it will be you to blame for wanting to take the easy road instead of the difficult and road of constant training and testing of the drug dog.

Drug Dogs Don't Lie

They don't lie as we know it. It is more like a computer "junk in - junk out."  The fact is drug are not found more often then they are found after a dog's response. Adminstrators and handlers need to look hard at those non productive response and understand they could be one case away from loosing the dogs as a tool to provide probable cause all together. Put yourself into the position to articulate to the courts your dog most likely did not make a mistake by learning what will make your dog respond when it should not and correct the problem. Document you found the problem and how it was corrected. Stop wasting time by reducing non productive response and actually get more drugs off the street.