Articles authored by Steven D. Nicely

Articles on this page reveal things not often discussed at K9 seminars, and training schools. They explain problems with detector dogs and information on how to correct them. It is important for handlers, administrators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges to learn things not revealed by trainers.

Keep in mind detector dogs are a very valuable tool in detecting items needed for law enforcement. However their true value is rarely seen because of the inaccurate training and testing methods applied. When those in the position of authority start demanding improvement by setting high standards more evidence can be located in less time and expense.

Record Keeping for Detector Dogs

Certification is only one part of the Reliability Picture

What would you do?

Alert (no such thing in detector dog training)

Interdiction Officers Should Never Be Drug Detector Dog Handlers

The Dog Should Search Vehicle Interiors First

How Accurate are Drug Detector Dogs?

Do Prosecutors Really Care about the Reliability of Drug Detector Dogs?

Clever Hans Effect and the Judicial System